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I'm Lauren.

I am a certified Hypnotherapist and 

Rapid Transformational Practitioner, having trained under the award winning Marisa Peer, who founded and developed Rapid 

Transformational therapy or RTT. 

I am a mental health first aider and a qualified Holistic skin therapist. 

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My Story

My super power is empathy, and I'm passionate about helping people deal with stress, anxiety and past trauma's that cause limiting beliefs. 

I am a growth mindset activist, and I believe that we all have the ability to heal from within and do anything we focus our minds on.

I am a mental health first aider and a great listener. I have a wealth of experience from working in the NHS, spending 9 years working on a neurological rehabilitation centre. It was here that I became fascinated with the brain, and the mind-body connection. working alongside aromatherapy trained nurses, they taught me how to meditate through visualisation. Although, 20 years ago meditation wasn't as popular as it is now, and they called it "relaxation therapy". I facilitated the relaxation therapy sessions for patients and fell in love with holistic therapies and Ive been a qualified holistic skin therapist for 18 years. 

When I was 20, I experienced my first hypnotherapy session. A family friend agreed to help me stop smoking. at this point I had tried everything from will power, patches and that awful tasting gum! But nothing had worked and I was willing to give anything a go! I am asthmatic and the chest infections were increasing far too often,

so one afternoon I lay on my sofa in our living room, I was put into hypnosis, which just felt very relaxing, just like the relaxation therapy I was used to doing. At the end I remember thinking that wasn't at all what I expected but I felt that something had changed. Sure enough I quit smoking just from one session, that was 22 years ago and I'm still smoke free!

Over the last 15 years i have worked in the hospitality and wellness industry, working for a corporate company for the majority of the last decade. I have seen time and time again more people suffering from increased stress, anxiety and depression. I found myself thinking "why is this happening? There must be a better way to heal people!"

My own stress levels were at times off the scale and i started to have the worst skin flare ups, which would attack my face causing itchy red, raised bumps that were so painful. Working in the skin care industry, this was the worst place it could attack! How was i supposed to advise people on their skincare, when my face looked a mess!

which you can expect only increased my stress levels even more.

The first time this occurred was one of the most stressful times in my life. As the irritations continued, i started to notice the patterns emerging that it would only occur when i was really stressed. I now realise that was my body shouting out for attention and telling me to slow down. There is a great expression by Dr Henry Maudsley, "the sorrow which has no vent in tears may make other organs weep"

meaning when you bottle up your emotions, and bury them, they have no other place to go. They stay deep rooted as negative energy in your body and when left not dealt with, they can cause your organs to become unhealthy and in some cases severe illness can take over. RTT helps you to feel emotions that have been locked away, and finally let them go, so you can live life feeling happier and healthier. 

I am passionate about healing and helping you to feel the feelings, until they no longer need to be felt, to help remove unwanted habits, emotions or beliefs in your life that are holding you back.

Book a free clarity call to find out how Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) can help heal you too. 


Let's connect.

If you would like to know more about RTT and see if we are a good fit to work together, book a Clarity call. Grab a coffee and join me for a chat. 

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