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I help you deal with stress, anxiety and limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life. Healing and transforming mind, body and soul through Rapid Transformational therapy and Transformational retreats. 

My one to one RTT sessions are virtual appointments through zoom. You can be in the privacy of your own home and YES they are just as effective as an in person meeting

You will need to be in a quiet place where you wont be disturbed, have good internet connection, and somewhere comfortable to sit.


During the RTT session, i guide you through hypnosis, back to 3 scenes that relate to the root cause of your problem, your subconscious mind will know exactly where to guide you and you are completely aware of what is happening.  We have a conversation throughout to find out what the emotions are that you have attached to those scenes. Once we can see the root cause of the issue, i help you reframe these limiting thoughts, and rewire your brain to transform your thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviours with a Transformational recording that you will then listen to for at least 21 days following your session. 


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