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Claire UK 

During the process I felt a lot of emotions, happy, sad, confused, but Lauren talked me through these feelings and made me understand where they were coming from. After I felt like a weight had been lifted! 

 I understood where my thought process was coming from and felt happier and more confident and content, less confused and able to deal with my emotions. 

I am now able to relax more. I feel stronger and happier, more confident and enjoying life again. Thank you! 

Ben UK 

At the beginning of the first session I was apprehensive and nervous. That did not last for long as you have a calming vibe. 

It was hard for me to relive certain things and talk through, but I was happy to do that with you. I never felt judged at any point. 

After the session I felt very calm minded but also a very real sense that I had a lot of things that had been brushed under the carpet for far too long. 

Unfortunately, due to some personal issues in my life, I was not able to complete the 21 days. That being said, the recordings brought me peace whilst listening and made the days I did go without smoking seem more meaningful. The main takeaway from it all is that I have some serious shadow work to do and given a more stable frame of mind I am eager to try again soon. I can't thank you enough Lauren, your patience and loveliness is truly amazing. I would advise anyone looking for a safe and calm place to work through issues, get in touch with her. 

Laura UK

I went not knowing what to expect, but I felt totally at ease with Lauren in the session. I felt comfortable talking about my experiences, that some people would laugh at and make me feel embarrassed, not knowing how big my phobia was! 

Afterwards I felt positive and excited to carry on the process to over coming my phobia. 

I feel super proud of how I am overcoming my phobia and also grateful to Lauren for helping me. It really has been life changing! A crippling fear that I never believed I could over come is now not in my way anymore stopping me from enjoying the things I should be able to. 

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