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Rapid Transformational Therapy 

Mind, Body & Soul Transformational Retreats  


Anon UK 

I felt like id uncovered some memories that id buried and not dealt with. They gave me a deeper understanding of myself and I feel I am now able to move forward being 

more confident with my ability to stand up for myself. 

I have asked questions I never would have before and I have a greater sense of self worth. I have also been able to take hold of my own nutrition and have noticed that I seem more in control of it than before.

Thank you!

Alison UK 

WOW! What an experience!

I had a session for smoking and I haven't had once since!

But its what else that I got from the session with Lauren! I had such an immense and powerful, energetic experience. I felt in one part that an energy left my body, that I didn't even know was there, and I'm so glad its gone! I connected with self in a way I thought wasn't possible.

An eye opening view into my past and inner child and from this experience I have been able to grow and understand myself to make changes for the better. Something has been unlocked that has held me back for years, I feel strong, whole and ready to be heard. Thank you. 

Laura UK 

Just wanted to let you know, I'm on holiday, and YOU HAVE CHANGED MY LIFE!!

Im hardly even flinching being around the birds. Usually I would have spent the whole time panicking and running away from them! I don't really feel anything towards them now. The change is massive, just wanted to let you know and say Thank you xx

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